The Police Searched This Man's Bag And Found A Cat Bound In Duct Tape On The Brink Of Death

Yesterday, on Tuesday 19th January, the police in Clovis, California, searched a suspicious man's bag in the parking lot of a supermarket. What they discovered was truly horrifying.When the officers realised that the suspicious 24-year-old man was on probation, they proceeded to search his bag.And when they did, they made a horrific discovery: a dying cat, hardly breathing, its paws, neck, and mouth shut tight with duct tape.


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The suspect, whose name isCody High, was immediately taken into custody and the poor animal was driven to the nearest emergency vet straight away. The feline wasn't showing any signs of movement and so the police were convinced the cat was already dead.But miraculously, once the cat arrived in the clinic and the painful tape was removed, he started to move again and breathe normally.


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On their Facebook page, the Clovis police department wrote:

The veterinarian reported the cat likely would have died in the backpack had officers not stopped the suspect, High. The cat is expected to survive without permanent disability or injury from the incident.

The cat actually looks remarkably well consideringhis terrible ordealin this recent photo posted on the police department's Twitteraccount:


Source : @Twitter

No one knows why this man did such a disgusting thing to this poor, innocent cat. The man is still in jail and risks being condemned for acts of animal cruelty.We hope justice willbe served.

Featured image : @SaraSandrik

Andrea A.