The Overwhelming Relief Of Safety At Long Last For These Dogs

Just look at the fear and sadness on his face.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

And this little pup is heartbreakingly just one of so many more.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

Huntingdon Police arrived at a property just outside of Nashville, Tennessee,on a mission for a completely different matter in April. The house was full, but there were no humans to be seen.Instead, they found 22 dogs living in truly pitiful conditions. These dogs were of all different kinds of breeds, including litters of little puppies. And they didn't even have access to food or water, imprisoned and chained up in a yard surrounded by faeces.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

The poor dogs were suffering from all sorts of afflictions, with mange, dehydration, parasites, runny eyes, intestinal worms, and alopecia. They were horrified to find a dead pup on the property.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

Thankfully, the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) came to the rescue. With their loving care, the dogs were finally taken away from this horror and to safety.The neglected pups were nervous at first...


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

But they soon came round to the compassionatehuman touch.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

ARC Community Liaison Kim Rezac says she is happy the ARC could lend a hand on the project, named Operation Spring Time, considering the limited resources available to the Huntingdon Police:

I'm glad Animal Rescue Corps was able to step up and help our community get these dogs the medical care and affection they desperately need.

Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

According to The Dodo, the owners were arrested and facing charges of animal cruelty. The dogs will be thoroughly examined by a veterinary professional and receive the medical treatment needed.You can really see the relief on these poor animals' faces.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

They are finally in the clear, and will hopefully never have to go through this hell again.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

Though it's heartbreaking to see what these dogs have gone through, we can at least rejoice in thelove and compassion of their rescuers.


Source: @Amiee Stubbs/ ARC

If you would like to help the ARC continue to helppoor pups who have truly gone through the worst, think about making a donation here.

H/t: @TheDodo