The Orphan Kittens Are Brought Into A Retirement Home To Brighten The Lives Of Its Residents


It's the type of thing that'll make you smile. In the United States, in the middle of the Catalina Springs Memory Care, you can come across adorable orphan kittens. Their presence - made possible by a partnership between an animal protection organization - aims to bring joy to the daily lives of elderly citizens.


Source: Pima Animal Care

The initiative, put together by Pima Animal Care Center, bring unquestionable benefits to both parties: from one side, it helps to brighten the lives - sometimes morose - of retirees, who share in affectionate moments with the young felines. On the other, the kittens are pampered and develop in conditions much more pleasant than they would have had at a shelter, due to lack of volunteers. 


Source: Pima Animal Care

So it has since been common to see the little fur balls wandering down the hallways of the building or purring from the tender petting of retirees. They revel in the presence of the animals: taking care of them is a task as gratifying as it is agreeable, which permits them to stay occupied during the day.


Source: Pima Animal Care

 The members of Pima Animal Care are thrilled. They recently published on their Facebook page: We can’t thank Catalina’s Health Service Director, RN Rebecca Hamilton, and the staff and leadership of this organization, for embracing these kittens and partnering with us to save them and bring joy to their residents’ lives. Not long ago, we didn’t have the resources we needed to save bottle-baby kittens. Because of amazing people like them, we can, we do, and we will!

Source: Pima Animal Care

After six weeks, the kittens are put up for adoption. This prospect brings joy to the residents of the retirement home, and the success of the operation will most likely help it to be repeated elsewhere.


Source: Pima Animal Care