The Oldest Cockatoo In The World Has Just Passed Away Aged 83

Cookie, the oldest pink cockatoo in the world, passed away last Saturday at the grand age of 83 years at Brookfield Zoo, near Chicago in the US.

The animal was suffering from advanced osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and sadly had to be put down. His status as the oldest parrot of his species was confirmed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014.


Source : @Foxnews

Upon his death, the zoo that had been the cockatoo's home since he was just a year old posted a video in tribute to his life called "Farewell, Cookie", along with a press release confirming: "Cookie [...] lived well beyond the life expectancy for his species". Curator of birds Tim Snyder remembers that in his retirement:

He let everyone know what his feelings were. If he didn’t like you, he had a really loud, screechy voice and, if you were talking, he would interrupt you.

Watch thevideo recounting the long life of this bird star:[embed][/embed]