The Nail-Biting Rescue Of A Border Collie After He Falls Into A 6 Ft. Deep Hole


Siri, a Border Collie, from Edgewater, Maryland, was playing in his yard when out of no where, he fell into a two foot by two foot hole in the ground.


Source: Anne Arundel County Fire Department

The hole was most likely the remnants of a septic system or a well, and was over sixfeet deep.The 85 pound dog had no way of getting out on his own, so his human, Ann Pearson, immediately called 911.


Source: Anne Arundel County Fire Department

Local firefighters arrived shortly, but they were unequipped for this type of rescue and had to call in a special team.Jen McKee with Anne Arundel County Fire told WTOP:

There was mud on the bottom, and he really got stuck in it. He was so trenched into the muck that they knew that they were going to have to lower somebody down in there.

A member of theSpecial Operations Confined Space Rescue Team was carefully dropped in and hoisted out once he had a firm hold of the dog. The rescue took over 90 minutes.


Source: Anne Arundel County Fire Department

As soon as Siri was free, he showed everyone his extreme gratitude by showering them with kisses.His owner was extremely relieved, calling the experience "traumatizing." As for Siri, he was given a nice bath and is back to normal.


Source: Anne Arundel County Fire Department

Watch the final moments of the rescue below:

Video captured as "Siri" is removed from the sinkhole Saturday afternoon in Edgewater.Posted by Anne Arundel County Fire Department on Monday, May 15, 2017

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