The Moving Moment This Horse Approaches The Coffin Of His Human To Say Goodbye


Sometimes, the bond between animals and humans is so strong and pure that its magnitude surpasses what many would think is possible.This is the case forWagner Figueiredo de Lima and his horse, Sereno. The pair, from Paraiba, Brazil, were completely inseparable.


Source: Facebook/Wagner Lima

Unfortunately, Wagner passed away in a tragic traffic accident at the age of 34, reports The Dodo. The loss has been devastating for his family and friends, especially his beloved horse.On the day of his funeral procession, Wagner's brother, Wando, decided to bring Sereno, knowing that his best friend would surely want to be there.


Source: Kyioshi Abreu/Portal Diário do Sertão

The astonishing turn of events goes to show the depth of the love the two shared for each other.The horse seemed to know that it was Wagner passing by in the coffin. He approached the car and started sniffing around, before gently laying his head down as a final farewell.


Source: Kyioshi Abreu/Portal Diário do Sertão

One of the loved ones gathered for the procession,Kyioshi Abreu, told The Dodo:

It was a very strong emotion. Everyone who was there was moved. I cried myself when I saw that scene.

Source: Kyioshi Abreu/Portal Diário do Sertão

Wando told Globo Newsthat the horse whimpered and stamped his feet the whole way to the cemetery, in clear agitation and mourning for his dear friend.Wagner can be pleased that Sereno will not be going very far - the horse will be joining his brother and his family.


Source: Kyioshi Abreu/Portal Diário do Sertão

The friendship between the two will always be remembered for proving once again the amazing capacity for emotions that animals possess.

H/t: The Dodo