The Most Popular Soy Sauce Brand In The World Tortures Animals [UPDATED]

Andrea A.

UPDATE:  Success! Kikkoman have announced that they will stop any further animal testing following PETA's enormous campaign. The well-known soy sauce company received a hounding from social media, the press, private phone calls and petitionary emails after PETA discovered they were torturing animals for commercial purposes.

Kikkoman's new policy states:

Now, Kikkoman is committed to non-animal approaches to test the safety of our products when we use biological methods.

The soy sauce company's pledge to end all animal testing and develop alternative methods shall hopefully make other food and beverage companies reflect on their own methods. Bravo PETA for uncovering such cruelty and putting an end to it!

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If you like soy sauce, then you're no doubt familiar with the brand Kikkoman. Market leader, this company is however hiding a dark secret.ThePETA association has just revealed that theKikkoman Corporation, which makes all of the Kikkoman sauces, finance and carry outshocking animal experiments. What's worse, it'sall purely forcommercial purposes.


Source : @Maresi

"Rats were force-fed soy sauce through surgically attached stomach tubes."

PETA, who investigated, detailed the series of experiments on their website:

Experiments during which feeding tubes were repeatedly forced down rats' throats to administer fermented soy milk.


Mice bred to be obese were fed citrus extract before being killed and having their muscles removed.


Rabbits were fed high-cholesterol diets in order to induce heart disease and then later killed.


Rats were force-fed soy sauce through surgically attached stomach tubes, after which they were "sacrificed by decapitation … followed by rapid removal of the brains".


Source : @PETA

Voluntary experiments whose purpose was purely commercial

The most vile thing about it, is that these experiments were led in order to be able to promote the health benefits of their products.These tests were in no way required by the law.For the moment, the group have refused to listen to the arguments of animal rights' campaigners and they do not wish to look into using alternative methods.We don't know about you, but we're putting that Kikkoman soy sauce at the back of the kitchen shelf for now. Share this information fast!

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