The Most Famous SeaWorld Orca Is Dying After A Life Of Tragedy

Andrea A.

Tilikum, the maleSeaWorld orca made famous by the shocking documentary Blackfish, is dying, the entertainment company announced.


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A fatal lung infection

Tilikum is reported to have a fatal bacterial infection in his lungs and hishealth is deteriorating daily.Aged 35 years old, the orca is very lethargic and he is not responding well to treatment.The managers of theSeaWorld Orlando park did not seem optimistic about his chances of survival. In their official announcement,they said:

Our veterinarians are focused on managing his illness in a way that makes him comfortable and creates an enriching life.

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Driven mad in captivity, he has killed three people

In 1983, Tilikum was torn away from his family and condemned to a miserable existence in a tiny tank of water, nothing like his natural habitat.Forced to perform daily in front of screaming crowds, or confined to floating around in circles endlessly, he was driven to psychosis in captivity.


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The documentary 'Blackfish' highlights SeaWorld's cruel confinement of these giant sea mammals and argues that Tilikum's living conditions made him lash out and kill three people, one of which was his trainer, Dawn Brancheau, in 2010.Weighing almost five tons, Tilikum is one of the heaviest orcas in captivity. Following his fatal attacks, the poor animal has been taken out of the public's eye and confined to a tiny basin.


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The aerial image below, taken above the SeaWorld Orlando park, demonstrates the orcas' terrible fate in these so-called 'entertainment' parks.Orcas in the wild swim over 100 miles a day and dive down to depths as deep as 200 metres.


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If like us, you believe that keeping these beautiful sea creatures in captivity is a cruel and outdated practice, you can sign PETA's petition and help the campaign towards closing SeaWorld parks for good.

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