The Moment This Dog Entirely Covered In Tar Realizes He's Safe


In mid-May, a dog was found in the streets covered in tar by two young men in Lanus, Argentina.


 Source: Myriam Otellado

Without hesitation, they immediately asked a police officer to help them bring the poor animal to a veterinary clinic. Once there, they handed him over to the association,Zoonosis Lanus, who quickly got to work.For five hours, they worked nine stop to save the dog's life, removing little by little the thick coating of tar that covered his body from head to toe.


 Source: Myriam Otellado

More than once, they thought their efforts might be in vain. But every time, they mustered up their courage, reminding themselves that they were trying to save a life.On the evening of the first day, the volunteers decided to call him Petro, a shortening of the Spanish wordPetróleo (petrol), in reference to the substance that almost cost him his life. The following day, a few hours of additional cleaning allowed the dog to be rid of the majority of the sticky tar which weakened him, and he was finally able to thank his rescuers.


 Source: Myriam Otellado

Since then, Petro has regained his strength, and he's constantly improving. One of the volunteers, Myriam Otellado, shared her impression on Facebook: "Each day he's better and happier."Even though he'll likely keep these traumatic memories for a long time, Petro is relearning how to live like a normal dog, surrounded by love and affection, until the day he can be put up for adoption.


 Source: Myriam Otellado

If you would like to help support Zoonosis Lanús, you can check out their Facebook page (in Spanish) byclicking here.

H/t: The Dodo

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