The Moment This Abused Dog Realises A Human Is Approaching Him With Love Is Heartbreaking


In Romania, dogs struggle every day to survive in a country where the majority of the population don't view dogs with as much empathy as your average Holidog Times reader. So when this abandoned and abused dog received the kindness of strangers and felt the touch of a loving hand for the first time, it was literally a first.The Dodo made this touching video showing his transformation.He's visibly terrified as he shakes at the prospect of an approaching human. Opening his mouth, the dogdoesn't know whether he needs to be ready to try and defend himself.


Source: @TheDodo

It seems no person had ever approached him with kindness before.It's heartbreaking to watch but at the same time, soheartwarming to knowthat he's now found a loving family. This dogdeserves nothing but love.


Source: @TheDodo

Look how happy he is now!


Source: @TheDodo

Watch the emotional video here:

He's finally learning the true meaning of kindness.Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, 28 January 2016

H/t : The Dodo

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