The Moment The Happiest Dog In The World Interrupts A Football Match

Andrea A.

On April 28, a football match part of the South American tournament Copa Libertadores was interrupted by one of the most adorable supporters.A very excited dog managed to run onto the pitch, and was literally jumping forjoy when he crossed the players.


The match betweenPumasandDeportivo Tachirawas taking place in a packed stadium in Venezuela.When the dog came bounding onto the pitch, the players found it hilarious and took it turns trying to catch the dog.


Alejandro Palacios, the goalkeeper for Pumas, tried to gently pick up the dog but had no luck.


The footage shows the dog wearing a collar so he must have managed to escape from his family.After a few minutes of madness running about the pitch, a defender for Pumas calledGerardo Alcobamanaged toget hold of the excited pup.The dog was still ecstatic as he was being carried off the pitch, trying to give his handler a kiss asthe audiencecheered on.


Watch the adorable video here:[embed][/embed]

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