The Moment A Terrified Pup, Stuck In A Frozen Pond, Is Saved By A Brave Man


In a case of an "everday hero" story, in Russia, a shirtless man helped a dog that was trapped in a frozen state. He showed bravery and determination.


Source : VK/Alexander Levashov

On November 7, in the town of Kostroma, it was below freezing point. A stray dog had slipped into a dam which was partially frozen. Paralysed with cold, he was uable to climb out and free himself.Alexander (the man didn't divulge his surname) saw the animal in distress and ran to get him of out the icy trap. Shirtless, he didn't even hesitate to throw himself down on his stomach on the ice.


Source : VK/Alexander Levashov

But things went a little haywire when the animal, feeling terrified and threatened, didn't want to be caught. He was barking and violently bit his savior in defence. But that was not enough to discourage Alexander.


Source : VK/Alexander Levashov

After a few tries, he finally distracted the pup for a second and was able to grab him and pull him out of the water. Visibly relieved, the animal quickly trotted to safety. Alexander was taken care of by a medical team who had arrived on the scene.


Source : VK/Alexander Levashov

He then went back to his car amongst a wave of applause by passers-by who had stopped to watch the rescue unfold. It was all captured on film by Alexander Levashov, who shared the footage on VK, the Russian Facebook.You can watch the full rescue mission below:

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