The Moment A Terrified Labrador Trapped In A Frozen River Realizes He's Safe


In the beginning of January, close to a river in Madison County, Iowa, Jerry Romine was walking his dog. He suddenly heard alarming barking coming from the river. In the distance, he saw a large, black dog stuck in the frozen river, fighting to keep his head above water.


Source : Youtube / News & Entertainment

The man tried to save the pup himself, using a long cord, but it was useless - Sam, the labrador, was too far out and could not move.So the man called for help. A few minutes later, the firefighters ofWinterset arrived. They got into a little boat and navigated the icy waters to where Sam was stuck. He was frozen and petrified.


Source : Youtube / News & Entertainment

Jerry filmed the rescue mission, which was impressive and heartwarming. As Sam put his feet back on solid ground, the pup was transferred to a veterinary clinic for examination, before being handed back to his owners, who warmly thanked Jerry and the firefighters for all their help in saving their beloved dog.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6DZiZAuv-U[/embed]

H/t: Youtube / News & Entertainment

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