The Man Who Decapitated 4 Dogs Has Just Been Condemned To 28 Years In Prison

It's a record penalty. Jason Brown, this 25 year old American who tortured and killed seven dogs (four of whom were decapitated) has got the maximum sentence of 28 years in prison.


Source : @KTVNChannel

The evidence started to appear in July 2014 when the policeintervened at a motelafter one of the clients persistently refused to let his room be cleaned.When the police managed to get into the room, they made a gruesome discovery. The floor of the room was covered in blood and in the middle of the roomlay the body of a dismembered dog. They continued their search and a few hours later, thepolice found dog heads in the freezers of the same motel.Intotal, seven dogs had been victims to this criminal's frenzy.Fortunately, the young man originally from Nevada was soon found and arrested. He claimed to have absolutely no recollection of the last three weeks after taking an excessive amount of methamphetamine.It appears that the young man, a psychology student, did not seem capable of such heinous crimes.The dogs he tortured had been given or sold to him by people who trusted him.One of them reports:

He seemed like a totally normal guy.

"These images I've seen, I'll never forget them."

Because Jason Brown took sadism to a new level when he filmed the horrific scenes of torture. And the footagewaswatchedduring the trial. On one tape, you can hear Jason saying: "The little white Chihuahuas are my favourite. If I manage to catch one, he's going to come and have a tour around Jason's pain house."The judge Eliott Sattler, who condemned the criminal last October, found absolutely no extenuating circumstances to his crime,not even his drug addiction.During the trial, he declared:

The images I've seen, I will never forget them. The cruelty, the sadism which you have demonstrated are quite simply revolting.

Even if it can never undo the brutal harm he inflicted on those poor dogs, it is very good that this sort of cruelty towards animals is treated with all the severity it deserves.This shocking piece of news reminds us of the story of a young man condemned to one year in prison in France forthrowing a cat against a wall,in 2014. It is high time that acts like these are not simply considered as offences but rather as outright crimes.

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Andrea A.