The Magical Meeting Between A Whale Mother And Dolphin Mother With Their Babies

Here are some rare images which are truly breathtaking. At the beginning of October, along the Australian coast, a whale mama and her baby whale met a dolphin mama who was also with her baby.What followed was a truly moving sequence where both families swam alongside eachother, in what is a truly poetic and peaceful dance. They get closer, brush against eachother, separate again and the sequence repeats in what could be called an aquatic ballet.


Source : @YouTube

No doubt all four animals were intrigued by each other's presence. Seeing as dolphins and whales both migrate towards the South in the summer, the images of this close encounter are definitely unedited.A powerfully emotive video which is also very relaxing to watch. Something everyone could do with right now. Watch it here :[embed][/embed]

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Andrea A.