The Internet Is Falling In Love With Luna The Therapy Puppy Who Helps Victims Of Domestic Violence


Most people can agree that there's nothing like the cuddles of a furry friend to make you feel better. Well Safe Futures, an organization in New London, Connecticut, which helps victims of domestic violence, is putting this theory to the test.

Source: The Day

They recently brought on a new member of their team, a tiny, white Boxer puppy named Luna.At only 11 weeks old, she is beginning her training as an emotional support dog, and her sweet personality has helped countless people open up and get through difficult times.

Source: Safe Futures

Annie De Los Santos, an adult advocate who works with the organization, toldThe Day:

When you have trauma, anxiety, what’s better than having a soft puppy on your lap?

And Luna seems to be enjoying her new job immensely. She works a maximum of eight hours a day, so she can take plenty of naps in her very own nook, full of comfortable pillows and toys. And she loves prancing around the office in her purple bandana, for domestic violence awareness.

Source: Safe Futures

When she's not at the office, the adorable puppy lives with Safe Future's executive director, Katherine Verano. Every day, she jingles her keys and asks Luna if she wants to go to work, and she comes running.Because she is so young, they can train the pup to be intuitive to exactly what the victims need, but she already has a knack for that anyways. Verano explained:

We had a client come in with a child who didn’t want to talk to anybody. We put the puppy on the girl’s lap, and she talked for about an hour with a victim advocate.

Source: The Day

Safe Futures was able to buy Luna thanks to a grant, but if you would like to help contribute to their amazing work, you can do so, here.

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