The Internet Goes Wild For This Photographer's Incredible Images Of Dogs


Elias Weiss Friedman is living most animal lovers' dream life.Every day, he leaves his New York City apartment, to go take pictures of dogs. That is his day job, as the man behind the camera ofThe Dogist.

Source: thedogist

His Instagram account has a following of over 2.6 million people who live for the adorable pictures of canines he posts.He wasn't always an animal photographer, in fact, he spent most of his working days behind a desk, but was laid off. Friedman decided to go to Europe to figure out what to do next, and started taking pictures of the dogs he saw there.

Source: thedogist

The photos started getting a lot of attention, so he made an Instagram account just for them. And so, The Dogist was born.These days, he gets to pick a random park and asks to take pictures of dogs. The 29-year-old uses toys and treats to capture their attention and personality.Within no time, he was being asked to do paid shoots, and even signed a book deal.

Source: thedogist

Part of that might be due to his dedication. No matter what the weather, even on holidays, he's out with his camera shooting. He toldBuzzfeed:

I don't take days off because my life would be less exciting without The Dogist. I somehow found great purpose in carrying a camera and a squeaky tennis ball, so why miss any opportunity to put them to use, especially when it makes so many people happy?

For more of his images, you can followThe Dogist on Instagram.

Source: thedogist

H/t: Buzzfeed

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