The Incredible 33-Hour Rescue Operation To Save A Kitten Trapped Down A Drain

Andrea A.

On the 20th December, a rescue operation to save a little kitten's life who was trapped in a drain took 33 hours. The incident happened in California, and thankfully, the kitten has been saved.Some passer-by's heard some miaowing and realised that a kitten was stuck down the drain. Thankfully, they immediately alerted theSierra Pacific FurBabies association.[embed][/embed]The rescue team were in a state of emergency because a storm was about to come and the cat would have drowned if they couldn't act fast. With the help of a camera, they managed to locate the cat in the piping below ground.The whole operation lasted 33 hours. The following evening, the kitten was finally found and rescued.The charity took him under their wing and gave him all the love he needed. He was very fragile and shaken to start with, but is apparently doing a lot better now. He's been named Piper, seeing as he was found stuck in a pipe.


Source : @YouTube

We hope he finds a loving family as soon as possible!

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