The Hilarious Moment When This Playful Police Dog Storms A Soccer Match To Snatch The Ball (Video)

Andrea A.

A surprise player made their way onto the pitch during a soccer match between Blooming and Nacional Potosí in Bolivia last week. One of the police dogs helping with security got tired of watching people run around chasing a ball without him, and decided to stretch his legs and join in the fun,writesThe Dodo.

Source: Tigo Sports Bolivia

The playful pooch stormed the pitch and immediately made a beeline for the ball, showing off some impressive dribbles and dodges before snatching it up in his mouth and running off with it. Sadly, the other players weren't amused by this illegal move and started to try and stop him - much to the delight of the fans and commentators watching.

Source: Tigo Sports Bolivia

The dog was finally caught and escorted from the field, letting the match recommence and the furry officer get back to his day job. Whether he faced any consequences, we don't know. But his happy smile tells us that the comedic canine definitely thought it was worth it.This isn't the first time an animal has invited itself into the game. While most of the time, the players wait patiently for officials to remove the new team member, sometimes they have to join in to clear the field once more. However, sometimes these stories end less happily,such as when Luis Moreno, a player for the Colombian team Deportivo Pereiras, killed an owl by kicking it off the pitch in 2011. The incident caused uproar throughout the country and Moreno was made to apologise and help out at a local zoo.

Perro FutbolistaMira el perro que se robo el partido entre #Blooming y #NacionalPotosí! ??⚽>Descarga la app Tigo Sports aquí:é par Tigo Star Bolivia sur mardi 24 octobre 2017

H/t: The Dodo

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