The Hilarious Moment This Pit Bull Sees Herself In The Mirror For The First Time

Andrea A.

Lola is a female Pit Bull who recently made an incredible discovery: her own reflection. She reacts in an interesting way, to say the least! Lola's surprise at seeing herself in the mirror for the first time is just hilarious.


Source: @YouTube

Thepup is blown away by her reflection, howling and singing in response.The Pit Bull spends a good few minutesadmiring herself, whimpering a little, and trying to get as close as possible.We'll let you watch and laugh for yourself:[embed][/embed]

It's hard to tell if Lola really understands that she is looking at herself. Perhaps she thinks it's another dog, but we're choosing to believe that she has seen herself, and is pretty pleased with what she sees! Whatever the case may be, it looks like she'll be spending a lot more time in front of the mirror.