The Heroic Team Rescue Of A Dog Trapped In The Flash Floods In Peru


On Monday 7th March, terrible flash floods and torrential rain caused chaos in the region of Ate, Peru. A poor dog fell victim to the flooding and got trapped in the middle of the surging torrent. The canine only had hours to live, but the National Police were alerted and did all they could to save the animal's life, reportsBFM TV.What would you do if you saw this happening? A black Labrador trapped on an island of debrissurrounded by turbulent waters with a deadly current. Peruvian law enforcement officers didn't hesitate for one moment as they jumped into the river to save the dog's life.


Source : @BFM TV

The first man to try rescue the dog struggled to get to him due to the almighty current. The next person approached him with a tyre so that he could float to the river's edge, but the dog was terrified and wouldn't let him near him.Finally, they managed to drag him to the river's edge with a rope. The animal was severely traumatised but he was in good health and at last on stable ground.After seeking some medical care and a large dose of cuddles and blankets, the little black Lab was back to normal!Watch the impressive footage here:

Via : @BFM TV