The Friendship Between This Pitbull And Two Guinea Pigs Is Simply Adorable


When Kirsty Gamayo adopted Moki, a female Pitbull from a shelter, she never imagined that Moki would become best friends with her two guinea pigs. They are now said to be inseparable.

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Source: piggiesandapitty/Instagram

She adopted the two female guinea pigs, named Frida and Pandora, before deciding to adopt Moki. Pandora was found abandoned in a park in San Francisco and immediately became the leader of her little pack at her new home.This didn't change when Moki joined the family. Chosen by Kirsty for her temperament, the young Pitbull is said to be calm, loving and playful. Kirsty said to The Dodo:

In the very last kennel, we saw a brindle pit bull dog who was sitting quietly on her cot. [She] didn't run or bark at us, and was looking at us with her sad, innocent eyes, so we asked to see her. Moki was 5 months old at the time and she was very friendly and playful — we knew we had to adopt her.
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Source: piggiesandapitty/Instagram

Moki's new owner hoped that she would get on well with her two little guinea pigs, but she never expected what she saw:

Moki was really gentle with them from the beginning and the piggies were very curious about Moki. The piggies would crawl up to Moki and smell her and Moki would lick them and lay with them.

From that day onwards, Moki, Frida and Pandora have shared many affectionate moments together, always supervised by mom. It has now been three years since they met and nothing but happy memories have been created.

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Source: piggiesandapitty/Instagram

Moki is always careful to never disturb the guinea pigs when they don't feel like playing and knows when to stop licking them and showing them affection. The three animals all share the same toys as well!Frida and Pandora love to sniff their sister and nestle against her while they sleep. Pandora in particular seems to really love being close to Moki and knows exactly when she's being bothering her.

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Source: piggiesandapitty/Instagram

For Kirsty, this unlikely friendship is a daily source of joy.

They really relax me and always make me laugh or smile … I love hearing their little noises, seeing their individual personalities, and watching them interact with Moki.

If you would like to keep up with the adventures of Moki, Frida and Pandora, you can do so by following their Instagram here.

H/t: The Dodo

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