The First Photos Of Diesel's Tomb, The French Police Raid Dog Killed In Action

Andrea A.

On February 3rd, the TV channelFrance 5 aired a programmeabout the training of RAID police dogs, filmed in the centre whereDiesel was trained. Diesel wasthe seven-year-old Malinois who was killed during a raid in Saint-Denis, following the November terror attacks in Paris.Laetitia Barlerin, thevet and journalist presenting the programme forLa Quotidienne, managed to have access to Diesel's grave, which has never been shown to the public before.


Source : @La Quotidienne

Here you can see where the heroic dog, Diesel, now lies. There are two plaques in memory of the special forces dog. The first one reads (translated from the French):"In memory of the members of the Security Team For The Presidency of the Republic".


Source : @La Quotidienne

And the second one is his tombstone, with a photo of the dog and the RAID emblem.


Source : @La Quotidienne

The exact location of Diesel's grave shall remain a secret. Either way, it is not in the oldest animal cemetery in the world, as had previously been expected.Recently, a 62-year-old man wrote a letter in which he expressed his wish to build a statue in tribute of Diesel. He has launched a fundraising campaign to commission the statue if you'd like to donate.

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