The Euphoric Moment A Man And His Dog Are Reunited In An Airport After 3 Years Apart

At the Cagliari airport in Italy, a girlfriend filmed her boyfriend Lorenzo being reunited with his dog who he hadn't seen for a very long time.After being deployed for three years, Fuffino's human was finally coming home. The two of them were going to be together again, but Fuffino had no idea when that would be.So imagine hissurprise to see his beloved human walk up to him in the airport?


Source : @Dailymotion

When he catches sight of his best friend, Fuffino hesitates for a few seconds. Could it really be him? Whenhe finally recognises and approaches him, Fuffinoabsolutely loses controlfrom his joy.


Source : @Dailymotion

Rolling around on the floor, barking and wriggling about, Fuffino is clearly overwhelmed by their reunion. And it was all in front of hundreds of people at the airport, an emotional scene for many.Watch the tearjerking footage here:

Via : @spi0n

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