The Euphoric Moment 2 Rescued Tigers Take Their Very First Bath

Last year, Carli and Lily were rescued from the dirty cages of a zoo in Buffalo, New York.

The two female tigers were understandably fearful and nervous: despite the fact they are wild animals, they had never learnt to live this way.

The NGO International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) brought the two animals to safety and placed them in the animal shelter Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada.

One of the IFAW's employees, Kelly Donithan, recently came to pay them a visit in their new home to make sure everything was going well.


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Upon arrival, she was met with a scene which touched her to the bottom of her heart. Not only were the two tigresses obviously delighted with their new life, but she got there just in time to watch them undertake a terrifying new experience: their first bath!

Lily is clearly tempted, but first she tests the waters...


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Then she decides it's time to take the plunge.


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She's so happy with the experience that she wants to share it with her friend Carli, who seems to have a case of cold feet...


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Lily is in her element, leaping about in all directions to try and entice her friend into the water. How successful is she? We'll let you be the judge of that...


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Enjoy the adorable scene in its entirety:

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