The Dog Cafe Is Where You Can Go To Drink A Coffee And Adopt A Dog


Come for a coffee and go home with a dog! That's the concept of the America's first Dog Cafe in Los Angeles, US.

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Sarah Wolfgang, an animal lover who has worked with shelter dogs for many years, came up with the idea of the Dog Cafe. Over the years, Sarah realised that dogs are more likely to bond with humans in a more relaxed space where they can make direct contact with them.Sarah is hoping to revolutionize the way people connect with these dogs who deserve loving homes.

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She explains the concept on The Dog Cafe website:

The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and fun space for humans and dogs to hang out with each other, away from overcrowded shelters, which can provoke fear and aggression in perfectly adoptable pups.

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And just like the concept of a cat cafe, it's the perfect place for people who can't live with dogs to have a special moment and a cuddle with one. Sarah Wolfgang added:

In addition to helping worthy pups find homes, we also offer the opportunity for people unable to have pets of their own to spend quality time with furry friends (and vice versa) without the commitment of adoption.

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So it's a moment of bliss for humans as well as dogs in much need of a cuddle. And at the end of the day it could change these dogs' lives. We hope more dog cafes open up all over the world!

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If you don't live near The Dog Cafe, remember you can still visit your local shelter where there are plenty of dogs looking for loving homes. And they only have love to give, just give them a chance.

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