The Cruelty Behind Those Canada Goose Jackets Everyone Is Wearing

Canada Goose jackets have become quite the trend, with everyone from celebrities to people on the streetwearing them to fend off the chill. However, as winter approaches it might be best to rethink your outerwear plan and really examine what's behind it all.PETAdid an in depth examination of where the fur and down used to make the coats comes from, and it's truly distressing. Canada Goose claims that their fur is trapped in the most ethical way possible, but videos show the pain and suffering that the coyotes experience.

Trapped Coyote's Last Moments of LifeWhat if you saw this before buying a Canada Goose jacket?[via Robert Banks]Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hunters in Canada typically use leg hold traps which clamp down on their paws when stepped on. As they struggle to get free, the steel only digs further into their flesh. Some mamas will even gnaw off their own limbs just to get back to their babies.They can often wait trapped for days, starving and in pain, before the hunter finally comes, and they are finally shot, strangled or bludgeoned to death. These traps have been banned in the European Union as well as many U.S. States.


Source: PETA

PETA requests that Canada Goose commit to using synthetic materials, but the CEO claims that it does not keep the wearer as warm as real fur.They make the same argument for their use of down. Many would not even consider wearing any form of fur thanks to efforts to show the cruelty behind it, but not as many people realize exactly how the down in jackets, comforters, and pillows is obtained.


Source: Zuma Press

Canada Goose uses real down in their jackets which is taken from ducks and geese. Down is the soft feathers close to the birds' skin, meaning you can't just cut of the ends. The feathers have to be plucked out.This can be done either dead or alive, and in the cases of "ethically" sourced down, it's used from animals who have already been killed for their meat. However, an undercover video shows images of geese having their feathers pulled out while they cry in pain.The workers leave them with bloody wounds that can become infected, and even cause the animal to die.

The only way to assure that your jacket is cruelty free is to choose one made with non-animal materials. Canada Goose may not live up to the requirements now, but you can send a message to the CEOthrough their Facebook page requesting theystart to use synthetic materials.To double check that your winter garments are not harming animals, look for the labels "synthetic down," "down alternative," "polyester fill," or new technological innovations like the Thermoball Technology from North Face.