This Cat Who Plays Nurse For His Sick Puppy Pal Already Has 6 Million Views


This beautiful dog is not at the top of his game. Far from it.

He has just come back from the vet and is feeling a bit fragile; exhausted and sickly.


Source: @Youtube

Though everyone thinks dogs and cats can't stand each other, it's clearly not the case for these two!

The adorable kitty loves his puppy pal and decides to step in as nurse. He's there to attend to the dog's every need, whether it be washing him, giving him cuddles or just moral support. There is nothing he won't do to help his friend!


Source: @Youtube

The feline's compassionate licking makes for a ridiculously cute video.


Source: @Youtube

We'll let you discover the heartwarming video for yourself, showing once again the powerful friendship between animals - even between dogs and cats!