The Burning Hot Pavement Could Do This To Your Poor Pup. How You Can Avoid It This Summer


Though we often don't think about it, dogs can feel the heat of the pavement on their paws. And in summer, you've got to remember that a blazing sun quickly heats up the ground, which is painful and potentially even dangerous for our pups.


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Avoid tarmac 

Some surfaces get hotter than others in the sun. This is the case for asphalt and tarmac, amongst others. They can quickly reach up to 50° when the sun is really beating down, burning the paws of your pup. We recommend choosing the grass, or other natural paths, to avoid burning your dog's paws. Likewise, go for shady paths whenever you can.


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Test how hot the pavement is

Green space is really lacking in most urban areas. But there's a way of checking if the pavement will hurt your ball of fluff: simply place the palm of your hand on the ground. If you can't keep it there for more than five seconds, the surface is probably too hot for your dog to walk on.


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Go walkies when it's cooler out

It's always best to take out your dog during the cooler parts of the day - that means early in the morning and later on in the afternoon.


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Get him some protection

If this doesn't seem realistic, or if you can't stop your dog from walking on the burning pavement, you could always buy him some protection. Most pet stores will sell special booties for dogs or other forms of protection (made of wax, for example) to cover his paws.


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Whatever you choose, remember that your dog's paws are not heatproof and be extra careful this summer. This will save you a trip to the vet to get your poor pup's paws taken care of!

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