The Adorable Moment A Baby Elephant Thinks Her Human Is Drowning And "Saves" His Life

This certainly isn't the first time we're entertained by the adorable elephant called Kham La who lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.She has become internet famous thanks to her sweet relationship with one of the staff at the park, Darrick.In the latest touching video of the two best friends, Darrick is taking a refreshing swim in the river.He is seen floating down with the current.


Source: YouTube

But the baby elephant think he's in trouble and her superhero instincts kick in.


Source: YouTube

She runs into the water, trying to save Darrick's life... Even though he doesn't need saving.


Source: YouTube

Kham Lagrabs him with her trunk, trying to coax her friend to get out of danger's way. It's the most adorable gesture.


Source: YouTube

These truly exceptional animals truly have a wonderful way of communicating with us. If you need any more proof, watch the full video below:[embed][/embed]To help care for Kham La and the rest of her herd, you can make a donation to the Save Elephant Foundation.

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