The 9 Rules Every Cat Imposes On His Humans

Andrea A.

Cats are the kings of the household, and as any good monarch would, they have created a list of rules for all living in their kingdom. Us measly humans are expected to obey these rules to the very end.Here are the 9 commandents that your cat will be only too happy to remind you about should you put a foot out of line!

1. Wherever you are, there I shall be


Source: Reader's Digest

You cat enjoys being close to your side, even if you don't interact all the time. He'll scratch the door, meow for you to open it, but be careful of invading his personal space once he's in your presence!

2. Wake up at 4am, we will


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No more "sleeping in". Your cat won't think twice about pulling you out of a deep sleep to feed or play with him. Any resistance you put up will be futile.

3. Empty, the litter box will not stay


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Cats are known for being very clean animals, capable of "doing their business" very neatly in one precise spot - the litter box. This spot needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each usage, but that doesn't mean your kitty won't be coming back to do his business again just as soon as you've cleaned up the last one.

4. Pet me, you will (but only when it suits me)


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Cats are independent animals by nature and will come on their own to get cuddles if they desire. It's war if you try to touch them without fair warning or inviation. You animal will know how to enlighten you.

5. Say goodbye to sleep


Source: Bored Panda

A kitten will always find a way to entertain himself in the middle of the night. Toys, meowing, chasing his own tail... Luckily, he will get tired eventually and go to sleep. But don't forget rule number 2!

6. I shall eat all unsupervised food


Source: Boom's Beat

Don't leave food out, even for a second, without keeping an eye on it. Cats are quicker than humans and you always have to be on your guard.

7. Mine, all mine, clean laundry will be


Source: The Dodo

Your lovely, fresh, warm, clean laundry is like a drug to your cat. He will declare the nearest pile his throne, conquered territory.

8. New toys will be bought regularly


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What may have seemed fun to your cat yesterday won't necessarily be today. But keep in mind that often an old cardboard box can be more entertaining than an expensive toy.

9. Move (or breathe) in your sleep, you shall not


Source: Pet Insurrance

Once your cat has found his comfortable position and settled in for the night, usually on or close to your face, he would like to spend his peaceful night undisturbed. You either have to try and fall asleep in serious discomfort or give up on the idea of sleeping completely (see rules 2 and 5).

H/t: LittleThings