The 9 Most Adorable Photos Of This Rare Species Of Wild Cat, Threatened By Extinction

Andrea A.

The Pallas Cat, sometimes called the Manul, is a kind of wild cat found in central Asia. Roughly the same size as a domestic cat, it was hunted in Russia, China and Mongolia for centuries. Today, hunting these cats is illegal, apart from in Mongolia, where they are completely unprotected.Sometimes confused with woodchucks and killed because of this, they are also attacked by herding dogs and slaughtered by accident during fox hunts.Pallas Cats also have a weak immune system because they live at such high altitudes, and although many wildlife parks have taken them in, their kittens often don't survive. At the moment, they are classified as 'near threatened' by the IUCN.One thing is for sure, however; people LOVE the expressions on these furry felines' faces! Check out these magnificent photos of the majestic Manul:










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