The 7 Deadly Sins, Re-Enacted By Dogs

We all love our dogs, despite their (admittedly few) flaws. But they can sometimes be quite sinful, as Imgur user DyslexicAhteist knows well. They compiled a list of the 7 Doggo Sins to illustrate this fact, and we at Holidog have taken inspiration from this.Here is our own list of the 7 deadly sins, re-enacted by our beloved best friends.

1. Pride

Source: Pinterest

2. Gluttony

Source: Caters News Agency

3. Wrath

Source: Sidetongue/Tumblr

4. Lust

Source: soundersfan17/Reddit

5. Envy

Source: Vetstreet

6. Greed

Source: Isca_foxred

7. And finally, Sloth

Source: kpetey15

* * *

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