The 4 Bizarre Reasons Your Dog Always Follows You To The Bathroom


Our dogs have plenty of strange behaviors: freaking out at the vacuum (even though he's seen it a million times and knows it's not going to hurt him), licking anything and everything, and destroying things for no reason come to mind.But perhaps the strangest of all is your dog's weird obsession with accompanying their humans to the bathroom.So what's up with this bizarre behavior?

1. What's privacy?

Well the first reason behind the mystery is that they're just not at as worried about privacy as we are. You watch him go to the bathroom all the time, so he's just returning the favor!


Source: NYR99/Reddit

2. You're his pack

Dogs are communal animals that run in packs so they're used to doingeverything together. Their instincts take them back to the days of hunting and defending their territory, all of which is done in a group. Especially for a particularly "vulnerable" moment like going to the bathroom, your dog wants to protect you! It just means he loves you.


Source: To Dog With Love

3. They're curious

What is hiding in the secret room? What could you possible be doing in there multiple times a day with the door closed? The bathroom is part of what she considers her territory (a.k.a. the whole house), and for her not to be able to patrol her terrain is stressful.


Source: Rover

4. They really missed you

Maybe you were gone all day at work or maybe you just came back from the grocery store, but either way it has beenway to long since your dog has spent time with you (at least in his mind). You are your dog's whole world, so when you're home they want to spend as much time with you as possible, including in the bathroom.


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If your canine is getting a little too clingy, there are a few things you can do. Make sure she's getting enough exercise and try giving her a toy to play with before you go do your business. Your pooch will be happy, and you can get a moment of peace.

H/t: I Heart Dogs