The 15 Most Adorable Dogs Riding The Subway Who Will Make Your Day


Seeing a dog can brighten up anyone's day, even when you're trapped in the subterranean hell that is the subway! Here's a selection of the cutest commuters we've ever seen:

1. NYC Subway won't let you bring your dog unless they're in a bag? No problem. 

Source: Instagram/jess.ablang

2. Some doggie parents come prepared...

Source: Instagram/arluskacorgi

3. How about this tiny pooch on the Paris Metro? Très chic. 


4. 'Ello 'ello 'ello! This Bulldog is enjoying a snooze and a hug on the London Underground. 

Source: Instagram/luciephipps

5. "What do you mean I'm not allowed on the seats?" 

Source: Instagram/jackincaves

6. That feeling when it's rush hour on the subway

Source: Instagram/bowiethebostonterrier

7. Carriage all to yourself = Best day ever

Source: Instagram/waltercorginyc

8. Beagles in bags should be the next big thing

Source: Instagram/beagle_in_a_bag

9. This Westie, who is prettier than most models

Source: Instagram/herschenfeld

10. "Mush, human, mush!"

Source: Instagram/charlottewiththeears

11. Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase 'doggy-bag'

Source: Instagram/looningaround

12. This precious pup is definitely more excited to be on the subway than most people

Source: Instagram/henryandpenny

13. This little puppy off on her first big adventure!

Source: Instagram/subwoofersnyc

14. "Paws off my bag, it's designer."

Source: Instagram/kikobububu

15. And this adorable puppy who is probably half teddy bear

Source: Instagram/gromyslav

To see more dogs on the subway, you can explore the subwaydog hashtag on Instagram!

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