Tesla Has Stopped Using Leather In Their Seats In A Fantastic Step Forward For Animal Rights

Andrea A.

(Warning: Some images may be distressing)American car manufacturer Tesla, today managed by inventor Elon Musk, have taken a great step towards fighting for animal rights by announcing that they willstop using leather in their seats. The announcement was made last month on July 22.

Source: Tesla

Tesla, a brand of electric, luxury sports car, have seen a boom in interest in recent years since the release of models more accessible to the wider public. While the brand hasn't directly announced the change, they have deleted all mentions of leather in their seating options. Instead, they will now be made from synthetic materials.

All of Tesla's seat options are now vegan

— Electrek.Co (@ElectrekCo) 22 juillet 2017

There will still be an option to have leather in the steering wheel, but with further campaigning the company may also decide to change this practice too.This historic decision follows a 2015 demand from PETA, who are shareholders of the Tesla company. The brand's president said at the time that they would take the request into account. In 2016, the manufacturer introduced vegan options for different parts of their cars' interiors.

Source: L214

The leather industry is not only one built off the back of animal cruelty, but is also terrible for the environment, as PETA reminds us:

Turning animal skins into leather requires 130 different chemicals—including cyanide—and people who work in and live near tanneries suffer from exposure to these toxic chemicals.

More and more brands and companies are starting to try and find alternatives to materials made from animals to use in their products. Whether it's shoes, clothes or car parts, it is important that we fight for animal rights and hold companies to account, so that they follow companies like Tesla's lead!


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