Terrified Puppy Spent 3 Days Trapped On Roof Of Her House

Dozens of bystanderscame to lend a hand in this hectic rescue. Last month, firefighters in Youngstown, Ohio, came to the rescue of a young Rottweiler named Isis, who had spend three days on the roof of her own house.


Source : DailyMail

The female dog had managed to climb up after escaping from her home during a robbery, through a hole in the attic.

Spotting Isis up on the roof, the neighbours made numerous calls to the authorities. But clearly not taking the call seriously, the authorities claimed they'd arrived on the scene and could not find the dog.


Source : DailyMail

It was only three days later that the firefighters finally intervened and managed to bring the Rottweiler back to firm ground, though she was by now extremely thin. D'Andre Berger, her owner, had come back that weekend and discovered the incident for himself. While he was gone, his house was broken into, and Isis ended up on the roof in an attempt to find safety.


Source : DailyMail

After she was brought down from the roof in the arms of firefighter Kyle Trimble, the terrified dog went straight for the plate of chips her rescuers had left her. It was her first meal in three days. The rescue must have taken just an hour in total.


Source : DailyMail

 It was later admitted that D'Andre Berger did not have the official papers for keeping Isis, who was taken away from him and put in a shelter in the area. The dog will be put up for adoption once she has recovered. 


Source : DailyMail

Watch the rescue video for yourself:


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