Terrified Puppy Living Behind A Rubbish Bin Finally Rescued And Now Needs A Home


This adorable little puppy, Ginnie, was living behind dumpsters in Los Angeles when passers-by alerted Hope For Paws. The rescue charity thought it would be an easy task rescuing the little pup, but she had clearly never encounteredhumans soshe was not giving up without a fight.


Source: @EldadHagar

One of the volunteers, Eldad, who helped rescue her with his coworker, Lisa, wrote on their Facebook page:

Little Ginnie did not surrender without a serious fight... she was crying, screaming, barking, and I just couldn't believe how scared this little 3 months old puppy was :(

Source: @EldadHagar

Finally they managed to get a lucky leash around her, wrap her up in blankets and take her to hospital as soon as possible, so that she could get the care she desperately needed.


Source: @EldadHagar

After a much needed bath, and medical care, she went on to Doggies 911 Rescue. There, thestaff are workingwith her so that she learnshow to trust humans.


Source: @EldadHagar

This little 3-month-old pup is now feeling healthier and happier than ever, and all she needs now is a lovely home. Although still a bit timid, it's nothing that the touch of a loving hand couldn't sort.


Source: @EldadHagar

Please help us find her this home by sharing her story. Get in touch withDoggies 911 Rescue, if you're in the Los Angeles area and know someone who might want to adopt Ginnie.