Terrified Pup Who Was Locked In A Cage Her Whole Life Finally Has A Reason To Wag Her Tail

Andrea A.

Liszka spent nearly all her life locked up in a cramped cage where she was cruelly kept by her former owners in Poland, before finally being saved in October, reports The Dodo.The associationOTOZ Animals, who rescued her, confirmed that the dog was found in a catastrophic state. She had lived as a prisoner for so long that she was completely incapable of standing up or walking. She had lost all hope and was terrified of humans. Her previous owner is a known abuser and had clearly traumatized the poor pup for life.

Publié par OTOZ Animals sur lundi 10 octobre 2016

At first she was fearful, but Liszka soon started to become a little more trusting towards her rescuers. After having been treated by a veterinarian for the first time in her life, the pup is also getting massages to relax the stiff muscles in her legs.


Source : OTOZ Animals

Liszka is recovering well and will soon be able to start searching for her forever family. There, she should be able to learn what life is actually about - freedom, playing and cuddles. The signs in this video tell the truth of a pup, once terrified, now wagging her tail for her rescuers.

Watch Liszka's adorable video:

Publié par OTOZ Animals sur lundi 10 octobre 2016

H/t: The Dodo