Terrified Kitten Stranded In The Middle Of The Highway Gets Rescued By The Most Determined Woman


Christina Hamlett was horrified when she noticed a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy highway in Virginia. Luckily, the cat-lover was determined to help, no matter what.

Source: Love Meow/Christina Hamlett

She made the bold decision to enter theAuthorized Vehicle Only area, where she would be able to reach to the cat. Despite believing that the situation was an emergency and so required urgent action, the determined lady was given a ticket.However, she remained undeterred and continued on to secure the kitten.She described to LoveMeow her shock as she approached him:

I circled back and low and behold, the kitty was alive… We think he was thrown because he suffered from a head trauma.

The kind woman then wrapped the scared feline in a blanket and they set off to find help.

Source: Love Meow/Christina Hamlett

While it is not clear how the little animal found himself in the middle of a busy road, it is certain that he was very lucky to come out unscathed.Hamlett, therefore, decided to name him 'Lucky.'The tiny creature was taken toSt. Francis Humane Association where he could receive urgent veterinarycare.

Source: Love Meow/Christina Hamlett

Fortunately, Lucky was determined to survive and quickly pulled through. Within only two weeks, he had become a playful and charming cat.Christina has even been able to visit him in his new foster home where the cat is just waiting to be adopted.

Source: Love Meow/Christina Hamlett

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