Terrified Horse Stuck Chest-Deep In The Mud For Hours Finally Walks Again


Animals have incredible instincts and determination, and when they are in trouble they tend to astound us with their perseverance. This was the case when a horse got stuck in the mud in near Hamburg.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Newshunter.DE, a German news site that shows "spectacular and beautiful things",posted a video on YouTube in 2014 showing the miraculous rescue of this horse, named Joked, who spent more than an hour nearly entirely submerged in thick mud.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

His rider and a veterinarian were around the swamp, keeping him calm. The rider kept petting his head, making little noises and saying sweet words so that he felt at ease.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Joker tried in vain a few times to get himself unstuck using his neck and his whole body's momentum.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

The animal was so exhausted that he was panting. His eyes were red and heavy and his body flopped heavily on the ground.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Eventually the firefighters tied a rope around his body and started gently pulling him out.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Joker's rider kept talking to him and encouraging throughout the affair.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

After more than an hour of struggling, the horse's body began to slide along the mud. The firefighters collectively pulled hard and with one last tug, Joker was free!


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

He seemed so relieved to be using his legs again that he gave one or two jumps, just to be sure. The team then took Joker to a veterinary clinic and gave him an infusion, making him stronger.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Finally Joker was able to walk again, thanks to the selfless effort and perseverance of the rider, the veterinatian and the firefighters.


Source: Newshunter/YouTube

Watch the full video of the incredible rescue operation below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fAosPy5QgE[/embed]