Terrified Horse Crashes Into A Taxi After Getting Stuck In City Traffic

In New York City, horse and carriage rides are often a staple for tourists thinking that it's a "romantic" way to explore the city. In reality, the horses are often overworked and stressed from traffic.



That was the case for Billy, a horse used for private rides and pulling carriages through Central Park,reportsThe Dodo.On May 15, he was being ridden by a handler to start his workday, when he and another horse were stopped at a stoplight off 8th Avenue in Manhattan.


Source: The Dodo

There was a large truck on one side of him and a street food cart that pulled up closely behind him. With all of this extra stimuli, he panicked.


Source: The Dodo

Jill Carnegie, a spokeswoman for NYCLASS, an organization that works to fight the use of horses in NYC, explained the situation toThe Dodo:

It was very obviously a spooked horse. Seemingly out of nowhere, the horse started to thrash his head around and run and stumble over his own legs. It was pretty horrific.

Billy backtracked, and in the rush hour traffic, fell over, and managed to get his head stuck under a taxi cab.



The images really speak for themselves. It was a bad fall. The rider was likely thrown in the process as well.

Most horses would thrash and try to free themselves, but Billy was likely too injured to do so. Witnesses had to help pull him out, and many reported seeing him with a limp afterwards.



A veterinarian hired by the carriage industry checked him out and claimed that he was "fine" after inspecting his hooves and legs quickly, according to witnesses.

There’s no way the vet did a proper head examination. This was just a physical assessment based on the appearance of the horse, and perhaps a little walking around.


This is not the first incident of a horse used for tourism unable to cope with the work and stress of city life. NYCLASS is hoping that the company will allow Billy to retire, as it's more than likely he'll have issues again if he's easily spooked.Woodstock Sanctuaryin New York has already offered a place for him where he would be treated with the love and care he deserves.You can sign this petition to ask that horses be taken off the busy streets of NYC.

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