Terrified Donkey Who Fell Through A Tiny Hole Into Dirty Water Is Finally Enjoying Freedom

Animal Aid Unlimited is an organisation in India that rescues hurt and trapped animals.Last month, they got a call about a donkey that was trapped and sent a rescue team to the spot. They found himstanding chest-deep in sewage water underneath a house.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The filthy, cold water was too deep for the donkeyto lie down so he was forced to stay standing. Above him was just a small hole - it was a mystery how the donkey had managed to fall through such a tiny hole into the water.There was no way of knowing how long the terrified animalhad been standing in the dark, chest-deep in murky water, but he must have been starving, thirsty and incredibly afraid.The hole was too small for the team to pull him up through it, so they spent several hours widening it with a jackhammer, being careful not to drop any cement on the stuck donkeybelow them. The brave rescue team members had never used a jackhammer before, but they managed to figure it out and made the hole big enough for him to fit through.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

The team said in a statement on their website:

It was difficult to operate, but knowing who was patiently waiting underneath, unable to even lie down because of the depth of the water, made the work seem easy.

Two team members climbed down with a ladder and tied ropes around the shivering donkey. The rest of the team hoisted him up above ground, through the big hole.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

He was then taken back to Animal Aid in an ambulance. He couldn't stop rolling around, eating and cuddling the rescuers!


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch the adorable,heartwarmingvideo below, and click here if you'd like to donate to Animal Aid Unlimited so that they can continue to rescue trapped and sickanimals in India: