Terrified Donkey Hit By Car Was So Ready To Be Rescued

The rescue team at Animal Aid Unlimited India never has a shortage of amazing rescue missions to share with the world. The latest video, posted on their YouTube channel, involves a terrified donkey found all alone on a highway.The team went looking for the donkey after receiving a call, and found him standing, frightened and injured, in the middle of the street. He had a deep gash on his his shoulder and blood was dripping all the way down his leg.


Source: YouTube

It was clear that he had been hit by a speeding car and was too afraid to cross the road.


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The scaredanimal was in so much pain he didn't even resist being carried by the team. They loaded him into the truck and took him straight to the Animal Aid Unlimited medical center.


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The veterinarians cleaned and shavedHobnob's 4-inch wound so theycould flush it with disinfectant to remove all the dirt and bacteria.


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Then the doctors bandaged himup and made sure the woundstayed clean. The donkey got a new bandage put on every morningfor 54 days.


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Equally as important as the medical care he received was the love and attention the rescue team at the center gave Hobnob. He did not go one day without hugs and this helped him gain his strength back.After tendays, his wound was already looking significantly better... And after 54 days he was completely healed - a happy, healthy, handsome donkey. The rescuers love him and say he was a dream patient, not even wincing as they cleaned his deep wound. They wrote on their website:

Hobnob was a dream patient who had a story to tell that we find waiting among so many: the story of gentle innocence and the beautiful contentment that should belong to each animal on earth.

Source: YouTube

Watch the incredible rescue and the donkey's wonderful transformation in the full video here:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5WAlowMY-o[/embed]You can donate, sponsor or volunteer on the Animal Aid Unlimited website to help them save neglected, injured and abandoned animals.