Terrified Calf Saved From Slaughter Has Two Orphaned Lambs As Best Friends


Valentine, the adorable calf with the big eyes, was born on a dairy farm in New South Wales, Australia, but was soon removed from his mother because he was considered a waste, reports The Dodo. Male calves are taken away from their mothers so as to save the milk for human consumption.


Source: Where Pigs Fly

A neighbor had seen Valentine being removed form his mother, and alerted Deborah Pearce from the Where Pigs Fly farm sanctuary. Knowing that he would be sent to slaughter if he wasn't saved, he immediately traveled to the farm, asking to adopt the calf - except the farmer didn't know where he was.They found him huddled amongst a group of female cows, sick and weak without his mother's milk. He was only three days old.


Source: Where Pigs Fly

He went back to the sanctuary with Pearce, who told The Dodo:

The first few nights I spent with him in his shelter as he was very sick. We thought he might die.

Source: Where Pigs Fly

For the first few weeks, the calf's eyes were constantly stretched wide, showing the white and making him look terrified. That's because he was more than likely terrified because of all he had been through in the first few moments in his life.


Source: Where Pigs Fly

Valentine was safe now, but he still needed a lot of help to make it through. He had missed out on his mother's nutrient-rich milk, colostrum, so he had to be bottle-fed until he was getting stronger every day. The baby finally settled into sanctuary life and started making friends. Pearce continued:

Two orphan lambs, Coco and Sprout, arrived the day after Valentine. They were bottle-fed all together and bonded strongly. They comforted each other. They remained best friends.
#TBT Valentine (rescue dairy calf) making friends. Taken from his mum at birth, Valentine was destined for slaughter within a week of being born. This is the life of a male dairy calf. 800,000+ in Australia face the same fate each year so we can consume their mothers' milk. That is 800,000+ calves just like sweet Valentine here. #ditchthedairy #wherepigsflyfarmsanctuaryPosted by Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary on Thursday, 19 May 2016

Source: Where Pigs Fly

Now the cow is popular amongst his new group of friends and enjoys his daily treats from Pearce. He seems to think he's a sheep as he spends most of his time with his lamb best friends.


Source: Where Pigs Fly

Pearce also said that he loves humans:

Valentine always greets us every morning. He loves a morning cuddle. He knows his name and when we call him from afar he will come running to us.

Source: Where Pigs Fly

Two years later, Valentine's coat is a darker shade of brown, but Pearce says he's still the "sweetest, most gentle being."


Source: Where Pigs Fly

If you'd like to support Where Pigs Fly foundation in rescuing other farm animals from a tragic fate of slaughter, make a donation here. You can also follow their Instagram account to get updates and adorable pictures of the animals they rescue.


Source: Where Pigs Fly

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