Taped Up And Chained To A Rock, This Puppy Was Left To Die Before His Saviours Found Him

When Randy Abke and his wife were walking around their home in Waller County, Texas, last Sunday, they had a horrific surprise.They noticed a heavy chain down a rural path and stopped to take a look at it. What they found at the end of a chain was a six-month-old puppy, weighed down by a rock with his muzzle taped shut. The puppy had literally been left to die at the bottom of the creek.

This dog my wife I found (walked upon) just like this. Taped up nose with a weight on him thrown off into the bottom of...Posted by Randy Abke on Sunday, 3 April 2016

Abke was utterly horrified by his discovery, posting a photo of the poor dog on Facebook, hetold KHOU news:

 It was left for dead, it was obvious, so I publicized it. I hope we find out who done it. It's unforgivable to see something like that.

The Abkes called the Waller County Sherriff's Office and spoke to sheriff Donna Mace to report their terrible discovery. Abke gavethe puppy the name Rusty.


Source: @Fox26

The Waller County Animal Control Program rushed to rescuethe puppy and took him to a vet where they gently removed his tape. They announced on Facebook that the dog was in good health and would soon be put up for adoption.

The Waller County Sheriff's Office appreciates all the calls in reference to the puppy that was found in the creek last...Posted by Waller County Animal Control Program on Monday, 4 April 2016

Yesterday, the shelter announced an incredibly welcome piece of newsthat the puppy has already found a forever home. And not just any home. In fact, Donna Mace, the sheriff who responded to theemergency call, will be adopting the puppy on Friday at 3pm. The shelterwrote on their Facebook page:

Donna and her family are looking forward to providing the puppy with a caring and loving home.

Source: @Fox26

We will keep you updated with Rusty's story, and wewish him all the best in his new home.In the meantime, investigators are still on the hunt for the person responsible for this horrificcrime. Anyone with information should contact the Waller County Sheriff's Department.