Sweet Rescued Bull Just Wants To Cuddle With His Saviour

Though bulls are so often accused of being violent, aggressive creatures, it's doesn't come naturally. And if you ever wanted proof that bulls just aren't destined for bullfighting, look no further.Christophe Thomas from Rennes, France, went against the prejudices and bought himself a bull at an auction, saving this creature from his fate - probablybullfighting in Spain.


Source: @PERUAntitaurino/ YouTube

For Thomas, it was a match made in heaven. And they've captured the very unlikely friendship between himand his gentle bull, Fodjen, on camera.He brushes down him down whilst the bull is perfectly content to just be loved and taken care of...


Source: @PERUAntitaurino/ YouTube

The two are absolutely inseparable, and it's a joy to watch.Thomas tells those who question his decision to adopt a bull that:

If you take good care of him, you'll see that he's an even more loyal companion than a dog.

Source: @PERUAntitaurino/ YouTube

And Fodjen is certainly proving his loyalty. Check out the incredible video of a man and his bull here:

H/t: @TheDodo