Sweet Dog Rescued From Flooding Still Waiting For A Family 7 Years Later

Don't let her tough look fool you, this poochis a sweetheart.Rayne is a 9-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She was attacked by another dog at a kennel, so she's missing a piece of her upper jowl, but this tough pup has survived worse things than that.


Source: The Barking LotIn 2010, she was found perched on top of her doghouse in Southern California according to The Dodo. Heavy rainfall caused flooding in the yard, and no one knows how long she was left standing there. Her owner had been admitted to the hospital three weeks earlier, and she was still chained outside.The owner agreed to give up the dog, and Rayne was brought to The Barking Lotfor adoption. That was six and a half years ago, and she's still waiting.


Source: The DodoFoster coordinator, Kendra Andrews, told The Dodo that she thinks that part of the reason she hasn't been adopted is due to her facial scarring and her tough girl appearance.Rayne is also a little hesitant around other dogs. She probably didn't get very much interaction with other dogs when she was young, so as a result she can be selective about what dogs she gets along with. However, she loves interacting with people, going on hikes, and bath time.

"With proper intros and the help of a trainer, we all think she could share a home with another dog," said Andrews.

The Barking Lot assures that she is very affectionate and lovable, and is consistently one of the favorites among volunteers.


Source: The Barking LotRayne has been waiting a long time for her forever home, but with any luck her search will be over soon.If you would like to adopt Rayne or know someone who would, you can fill out the adoption form below.Adoption Application

H/t: The Dodo