Survivor Of A Meat Farm, This Young, Terrified Dog Was Carefully Hiding A Secret

At the beginning of 2017, a female Korean Jindo, only 10 months old, was saved from a dog farm in Wonju, South Koera, where she lived with dozens of other dogs in deplorable condition.

 Source: Humane Society International

Named Rosa, she and 200 other dogs were saved from an intervention by Humane Society International (HSI). Fourteen of them, including Rosa, were handed over to the HSI shelter in Tampa Bay, Florida, where they're able to sleep in a real bed for the first time in their livesHowever, despite the bedding, toys and comfort, Rosa was terrorized, and cowered in the corner of her kennel as soon as anyone tried to get near her, like she was trying to become invisible.

Source: Humane Society International

It was only a few days later, after the intervention of Glen Hatchell, the shelter's trainer, that the volunteers realized why Rosa was so fearful. After inspecting her, he realized that she was pregnant, and her maternal instinct pushed her to retreat from humans, who in the past had always mistreated her.Nash McCutchen, the shelter's marketing coordinator, explainedtoThe Dodo:

We can tell that she's far along, but because we're not able to touch her, we can't do a thorough examination. That would just be way too intrusive for her. But we're probably thinking she'll have her babies in under a week. 

Source: Humane Society International

A few days later, Rosa gave birth to six puppies in perfect health, five males and a female. Nash described:

The babies are little chunks of puppy joy. They look just like Momma - creamy white from head to paw.

Despite the trauma that she endured all her life and the stress she endured, Rosa cares for her little ones with lots of love and tenderness.

She is still struggling to trust humans and now has an added source of stress, caring for her babies. Today was difficult for her as there was a lot of activity as we assessed the babies and made sure everyone was healthy. But now they are resting quietly and undisturbed.

Source: Humane Society International

Luckily, in South Korea and China, the number of citizens who eat dog meat is on the decline. But the fight does not end here - we need to keep on campaigning until the trade is outlawed completely. LCA has made incredible progress in the fight against this horrifying industry. You can help support their vital work by making a donation.To sign the petition to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent dogs and cats, click here.

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