Stray Dog Who Waited 6 Months For Air Stewardess Finally Gets His New Mum


Apparently dogs can fall in love too. At least that's what happened to a stray dog named Rubio when he met German air stewardess Olivia Sievers, who took the time to stop and say hello to him.

Ever since, Rubio has been doing all he can to get the woman to adopt him.


Last February, Sievers came across Rubio in the street in Buenos Aires, where she often makes stopovers as part of her job, and couldn't resist coming to pet the pooch.

Sievers was already an animal lover with many dogs at her home in Germany. And it just so happened that she had some dog food on her! She gave Rubio something to eat and then played with him for a while.


And from then on, the animal would do all he could to get her to adopt him. He followed her around everywhere, camping outside her hotel day and night and flashing the sad puppy dog eyes. At first, Sieverswas a little annoyed, telling Noticiero Trece:

I tried to change my ways as I didn't want him to follow me to the hotel, but it was not possible. He always followed me so I tried [to wait] one hour but he always watched me and followed me.

Due to work demands, the woman only spends a few days a month in Buenos Aires. But every time she came back, Rubio was there waiting for her.

Sievers managed to find him an adoptive family. Yet it wasn't long before she realised that to her amazement, the dog had run away from his new home to try and find her at the hotel.


She posted the photo of Rubio outside her hotel, with the confession:

Today, I am once again crying out. He was so happy and we were 30 minutes together again.


Sievers was so touched by the dog's persistence that she eventually gave in and decided to bring him back home with her to Germany, where they have been living happily together since last Friday.


After Rubio's incredible story went viral all over the world, the air stewardess has been regularly updating her Facebook page with news about the pup and how he's settling in to his new life.

Well, it certainly looks like it's a happy one!